Computer Generated Imagery

The Need

It is customary in the theatrical dramas of the ancient past to the invention of the cinema in the late nineteenth century, to present the regular drama with added on special effects for the audience. This attempts are made to showcase themselves to be very novel in their attempts to distinguish themselves from the pretty ordinary others.

Of course, there are other important aspects of the drama or cinema such as the story line, action, music, performance and dialogues which all made significant impact in the watching audience minds. To boost up this core interests and to completely make them absorbed into the drama or movies of theirs, certain realistic special effects would be wonderful.

The Origin

Computer Generated Imagery Such a sort of special effects are added in the form of natural looking artwork for backgrounds, fireworks from behind for lightning effects, pouring water from the top to produce rainy effect and many more varieties of optical, mechanical and musical effects also. Yes indeed, certain musical effect from the background would silently pull in the attention. Based on all these aspects as the pivotal ingredient of objective, the computer generated imagery is a tool designed to produce realistic animated movie objects.

That is not completely it. You could do a whole lot of operations with the aid of the CGI graphics and animation. This you could have witnessed in many of the movies from so many years now. All those cartoon characters which have gone to world recognition in the present day scenario are once just comical characters that use to be drawn in the form of scribbled paintings in the comic books.

With the development of the computer generated imagery all these comical heroes of the novels and books came into real existence in the movies. This was greatly admired by the youth community in special and the enormous amount of recognition that it obtained instigated the world directors to surge on further.

The Comical Heroes

The desire to excel in the graphics and animation supported CGI movies to kindle the minds of the audience arose in the minds of the world directors and the used the technology in the every possible way they could do so. As a result of this was the so much hype went on to those fictional heroes like the superman, Spiderman and so on.

It was made possible for these heroes to do all those extraordinary tasks that could otherwise not be possible in reality, with the aid of the CGI graphics and animation. The amount of money spent on the creation of such movies paid back as it was welcomed positively from all over the global audience. It is the excitement and thrill obtained that yielded success.

Other applications

Soon many more such movies started coming in and many more fictional characters of heroes and evil starts were introduced. The cgi graphics went out to be used out of the film industry as well. Apart from the entertainment applications, the web development using the CGI was also made possible and it is regarded to be sophisticated execution of the computer generated imagery.

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